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Urban Sprawl

  Introduction: Last night I was watching a drama on BBC iPlayer about Allen Ginsberg’s poem ‘Howl’. Then I remembered this old poem I wrote and decided to re-read it. It so happens that I’m suffering from a severe case of Writer’s Block these days and looking back on my old writings from this sterile […]

To Tellus

Earth, you hang there like a pearl Rubbed from the grit of Chaos: What are you good for? You gape like the white of my eye Cataract-clouded Into infinite depths: What do you see? You were cast in the oyster of Space Bastard of an ignorant energy Obeying laws that wrote themselves: So I’ve heard. […]

The Third-Culture Kid – a poem

  The purity of the air after rainfall – The sacred smell of sandalwood Wafting down from the hilltop shrines Reminds me of something. My deadweight soul, flapping with airline tags, Lies gasping, dusted with the residue of long years Lettered ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’ Entreating those that handle it to be careful: To […]